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High Performance Desanding Solutions

SegreTECH offers the leading sand separator package to meet your oil and gas production desanding requirements. “More than just a sand trap, our two stage, high pressure sand removal system is designed to contain the large slugs produced by high flowing wells”.

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Today’s horizontal, multi-interval, hydraulically fractured wells can bring sand to the surface during early production.

Several strategies are employed to minimize the damage this erosive sand will cause.

The most cost effective and revenue positive solution is to place a sand separator immediately downstream of the well.

First generation desanders are over powered by the characteristics of today’s wells.

SegreTECH Desander Dual Vessel Skid Render

SegreTECH High Performance Desanders deliver the features needed today:

1.The sand is completely separated from the hydrocarbon stream;
Sand Particles in Hydrocarbon Stream
2.The sand is then accumulated to a significant amount at operating pressure;
sand accumulation
3.The process cannot be overwhelmed allowing the sand to carry-over; and
Sand particles
4.Disposal of the sand occurs without interrupting well flow.
Separated sand disposal occurs without interrupting well flow

Two Stage/Three Phase
Proprietary Process

  • The first vessel in the process separates the gas from the liquid and sand
  • The second vessel in the process separates the sand from the liquid
  • The active process continuously handles two m3 of material at any one time
  • Large slugs of sand are captured, absorbed and contained
  • Low and High level alerts can be integrated into operations
  • Continuous well flow even during the sand empty procedure
  • No manual clean-out

Engineered for Safety

  • The second stage vessel is blocked in and de-pressurized to atmosphere as the first step of emptying the sand
  • During the few quick minutes it takes for the empty procedure, the first stage vessel stays online and continues to desand
  • The sand in the second stage vessel can be emptied to an atmospheric tub or directly to a vacuum truck
  • Gravity is the main force used to empty, not the potentially dangerous “blow-down”
  • We do not break the vessel open to empty and the operator is not exposed to internal pressure hazards while manually scraping out sand


  • SegreTECH desanders are sweet and sour service permitted
  • PSVs and depressure line routed to exhaust pipes with flanged ends for easy flare stack connection
Desander Without Building

1500# ANSI Double
Vessel Specifications

Operating Parameters

2500# ANSI Double
Vessel Specifications

  • MAWP: 25,532 kPa (3,700 psi)
  • Sphere ID: 48″
  • Sphere Volume: 950L (250 gal)
  • Sand Capacity: 1,350 Kg (3000 lbs)
  • MDMT: -40/100 F
  • AB Sour
  • Gas ~ 1400 e3m3/day (50 MMscf)
  • Liquids ~ 1590 m3/day (10,000 bpd)
  • MAWP: 35 MPa (5,000 psi)

  • Sphere ID: 48″

  • Sphere Volume: 950L (250 gal)

  • Sand Capacity: 1,350 Kg (3000 lbs)

  • MDMT: -40/300 F

  • AB Sour

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