Imagine: continuous & safe desanding without well shut-in OR BYPASS

Our patented unique two-stage, two-sphere sand separator allows for complete isolation during desanding without well shut-in or bypass. It doesn’t require manual cleaning and can be emptied in less than 15 minutes. It is the safest and most cost-efficient approach to desanding on the market.


Efficient & Cost Effective Desanding Solutions

sand separators engineered for safety

Engineered for Safety

Safety is always top of mind on any well site. Our patented desanders are purpose-built incorporating best safety practices and unique safe options like Double Isolation and Bleed (DIB) valves.

operating regions

Operating Regions

We are headquartered in Canada, with operations across North America, and around the world.

our desanders

Our Desanders

Conventional single-stage desanders can require well shut to empty the sand separator, causing many well flow issues. Our patented two-stage, two-sphere desanders eliminate this problem.

High Performance Desanders for Every Well Phase

flowback phase

Flowback Phase

During the flowback phase, well head pressures, liquid volumes and sand production levels are typically higher. Our quick de-sanding process, without well shut-in, ensures that wells do not get plugged off while on flowback.

early production

Early Production Phase

During early production, volumes of liquid and sand start to taper off but significant sand volume events are still possible. The large capacity of our patented dual sphere setup allows operators to empty the units less frequently.

steady-state production

Steady-State Phase

After initial production, the well goes into steady state production which typically means much less sand. Our optional remote monitor system allows customers to see how much sand is being produced without having to visit the wellsite.

desander blueprint


The SegreTECH team has extensive experience working with operators in the field and we take operator safety personally.

Our unique design offers a true double isolation and bleed scenario prior to emptying the sand. This all but eliminates the risk of an operator being exposed to a high-pressure blowout and it is done without interrupting well flow or going on bypass.


The SegreTECH dual spherical vessel sand trap system provides efficient sand separation, accurate sand weights and is operator friendly.

Chester “Chad” Spohn, PE

JKLM Energy