Created & Built by Industry Vets

Our understanding of sand and wellsite requirements comes from hands-on experience in the energy industry. Our leadership team is committed to overcoming operational challenges tied to desanding and delivering long-term value to our customers.

mike nielsen

Mike Nielsen

Vice President

Mike Nielsen is SegreTECH’s Vice President. He has been in the service side of the oil and gas industry for over 25 years and has held positions from Equipment Operator to Field Sales to Vice President. Mike oversees the day to day operations of the business and is responsible for domestic and international sales and supply contracts.

duncan mcintosh

Duncan McIntosh

General Manager

Duncan McIntosh is the General Manager for SegreTECH. He has over forty years of oilfield industry experience holding positions from Field Operator up to VP of Operations for companies like Nowsco and Sanjel. He is very familiar with the performance characteristics of frac sand and provides technical evaluations for all new customer inquiries.

ron millard

Ron Millard

Field Operations Manager

Ron Millard is SegreTECH’s Field Operations Manager. Ron has worked in the oil and gas industry since 1983, for companies like Haliburton and Sanjel in positions from Equipment Operator to Operations Manager. Ron oversees all new equipment installations and provides training for new operators. His operational knowledge and experience give customers the peace of mind that SegreTECH’s desanders can operate in even the most demanding environments.


We Take Sand Seriously

We might be a bit granular when it comes to details, but we think that being laser-focused has its perks.


Injuries Reported

Maximum PSI


Made for IDEAL Safety Standards

We spent a lot of time creating a de-sanding solution that prioritizes operator safety and maximizes well efficiency. Our IDEAL approach to safety significantly reduces the risk to both the operators, the equipment and the operating company.

SegreTECH desander diagram


SegreTECH’s design allows for the Containment Sphere (second stage) to be completely isolated prior to emptying the sand from the vessel. Double isolation and bleed (DIB) is also an option.


Because the Containment Sphere can be isolated, it can also be de-pressurized, making it much safer to work with. This significantly reduces the risks posed by working around highly pressurized equipment.


Emptying the Containment Sphere is straightforward making it a very efficient process. This reduces risk to the operators by reducing the time required on site and reduces cost by limiting the non-productive time on site.


During the emptying procedure, the Inlet Sphere (first stage) stays active and online, continuing to separate sand without shutting in and without going on bypass. This significantly reduces the risk of well formation problems caused by interrupting the well flow.

Limited Exposure

The entire emptying procedure can be done without having to break open either vessel or any of the process piping. This limits an operator’s exposure to hazardous gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and reduces the environmental risks inherent with the release of gases or contaminants.