Our patented desander offers effective sand separation with continuous well flow and low pressure drop.


Well Conditions & Geographic Locations

To avoid the challenges tied to conventional single-stage desanders, our patented two-sphere units offer specific benefits to each environment and well condition.

We have three desander models to suit your specific site requirements.

1500# ANSI

  • Intended for wellhead pressures up to 25.5 MPa (3700 psi).
  • Typically used in early production or steady-state flow.
  • Comes with monitoring equipment for local or remote tie in.
  • It generally comes with a climate-controlled building for all-season use.

5000 PSI

  • Intended for wellhead pressures up to 34.4 MPa (5000 psi).
  • Typically used in flowback phase.
  • May or may not come with monitoring equipment.
  • It generally comes without a building for easy access.

2500# ANSI

  • Intended for wellhead pressures up to 37.5 MPa (5,441 psi).
  • Typically used in higher pressure wells.
  • Comes with monitoring equipment for local or remote tie in.
  • May or may not come in a climate-controlled building.


Our Two-Stage Desander is a Game Changer

segretech desander disagram

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No Internal Filters

Our unique two-stage design eliminates the need for filters (and the maintenance/costs that come with them)

Large Process Volume

We can separate a whole lot of sand.

Remote Monitoring Available

Network-connected desander units can provide real-time status updates.

Continuous Well Flow While Desanding

Emptying does not impact production at all.

Short 15-Minute Emptying Process

Quick emptying processes means more efficient production.

Minimal Carryover, Liquid & Sand Slugs Contained

Our separators catch the sand that other desanders miss.

Built to Reduce Safety Hazards, Including Sour Service

For sour applications, separate blow down tanks and accessories are available.

High Performance Desanders for Every Well Phase

flowback phase

Flowback Phase

During the flowback phase, well head pressures, liquid volumes and sand production levels are typically higher. Our quick de-sanding process, without well shut-in, ensures that wells do not get plugged off while on flowback.

early production

Early Production Phase

During early production, volumes of liquid and sand start to taper off but significant sand volume events are still possible. The large capacity of our patented dual sphere setup allows operators to empty the units less frequently.

steady-state production

Steady-State Phase

After initial production, the well goes into steady state production which typically means much less sand. Our optional remote monitor system allows customers to see how much sand is being produced without having to visit the wellsite.